When Should I Take CBD Oil?

You can take CBD oil at any time of the day and it will have a beneficial affect on your health. However, you can feel a range of affects depending on when you take it since CBD oil works WITH your body and with your natural circadian rhythm. I would like to discuss 5 most common times of the day to take CBD oil and explain what happens in your body and how it effects you.

Keep in mind that you might have a different experience from let’s say me, so listen to your body first and foremost.

  1. In The Morning

If you choose take CBD oil in the morning, before your body is fully awake and before the stressful day begins, you can actually prevent the stress, overwhelm and anxiety from even starting. CBD oil will help keep cortisol, the stress hormone, balanced throughout the day and CBD is especially effective at that if you take it before cortisol has a chance to go too high up. If cortisol doesn’t spike, then you are able to better manage your daily stressors and then cortisol won’t crush making you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Yes, balancing cortisol levels throughout the day will help you have more energy in the evening and instead of feeling too tired to do anything you will be able to enjoy your evenings after work.

I now have been taking it either before bed or right in the mornings (as opposed to midday) and I found things I’d usually freak out over/stress about I’m feeling a lot more at ease with, so that’s the main benefit for me!! I usually get anxious during/before sleep as well and the oil before bed has helped with even having better dreams oddly enough and also with waking up relaxed and not stressed about the day!
— Nancy Sidhu

Taking CBD oil in the morning is actually my favourite, because I personally see a huge improvement in my day. I am an entrepreneur so my day quickly gets overwhelming, especially when life throws a few curve balls. I’ve found that if I take CBD oil in the morning, I am able to deal with any situation in a calm, logical manner and then even at the end of a very long stressful day I can have energy to clean, go for a walk or hang out with friends, while in the past I was just too tired to do so.

2. Before an Important meeting

By ‘important meeting’ I mean any stressful situation that requires your focus and attention, so it could be an exam or a test, a speech or a presentation, a networking event or maybe even a conversation with your partner. Whatever it is, if something is making your nervous but you need to have a sharp mind for it, CBD can help you with that. CBD oil will take away the nerves and improve your focus, cognitive ability and attention, so you can be your best, smartest self during that ‘important meeting’.

I personally love taking CBD oil before work because I find it makes me much more focused and ‘in the zone’. I teach fundamentals of nutrition at Institute of Holistic Nutrition, which is 4 hours of teaching at a time, and I find CBD oil to be very helpful in balancing my energy levels, keeping me focused and boosting my confidence. I also organize events for wellness entrepreneurs in Vancouver and I find I get very anxious a day before and a day of since I have a lot on my mind, so CBD has been really helpful at keeping me anxiety free.

3. After a Long Day

We all have days when we come home and we are so wired from the stressful day that we can’t relax. CBD oil can help you calm down and clear your mind. Unlike a glass of wine, it does that not by depressing your system but by lowering your cortisol levels. If you are running on cortisol and caffeine as energy all day long and you take CBD oil then you are likely to feel relaxed, ready to unwind and take a break. However, if you are making plans to be productive right after taking CBD oil it might force you to change your plans. That being said, taking a break and allowing your body to regain energy naturally is the healthiest thing to do so if you just listen to your body and take that break, or even a nap, then your energy levels will go up if it’s still not too late in the day.

4. When You Are Starting to Experience Pain

A lot of people take CBD oil for pain management and I recommend taking CBD oil as soon as you are starting to experience the pain. Same as with stress, CBD can prevent pain from fully reaching its highest point. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and as analgesic so it doesn’t only make you feel less pain it also helps your body heal the tissue that is causing pain. This means CBD oil helps long term and isn’t just a quick fix.

5. Before Going to Bed

CBD oil helps a lot of people with insomnia so taking it 30 minutes before going to bed can really have a powerful effect on the quality of your sleep. CBD oil will lower cortisol levels, allowing your body to produce melatonin - the sleep hormone. CBD oil can help you fall asleep as well as stay asleep throughout the night, thus helping you feel energized and rejuvenated in the morning since our body recovers in the sleep.

These are 5 most common times to take CBD oil among my clients. Do you take CBD oil at a different time of the day? Do you find it works differently for you than what I described above? If so, please share with me your experience though DMing on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!