I’ve Been Taking CBD Oil For 9 Month - Results and Updates


I’ve tried CBD for the first time over a year ago, but a very tiny dosage during a very stressful situation so I didn’t feel much. I later tried it again, 9 months ago, with more of a willingness and openness to give it a fair shot. While originally I took it with a desire for acute results, in the past 9 months I’ve noticed a lot of long term changes that have happened in my body in that time that I would like to share.



As some of you know, I can be pretty intense and very high energy, which also means high stress, anxiety and overwhelm and burnout at the end. Nine months ago I tried CBD oil with a goal of reducing stress. I was going through a tough break-up and I couldn’t seem to get out of that constant stress and anxiety. I couldn’t find CBD oil at that time (one of the reasons I started a company lol) so I bought a CBD patch and even though I used only ⅓ of it, it made me too relaxed for everyday life (although I definitely needed it at that point). I since figured out my dosage, which I change depending on the time of day and my stress levels (that’s why I love CBD oil, since I can dose it so easily). 

Even though CBD oil does decrease my stress and anxiety in the moment, it actually does way more than that in my experience. After taking CBD oil consistently for a few weeks, it almost gave my brain a new threshold for stress level. When in the past I would spiral down once I get stressed and anxious, now when I am feeling that stress is coming I know when to stop and try to get back into more of a peaceful relaxed state. And I don’t necessarily need CBD oil for that, I can just take a few extra big breaths or have a mental check-in with myself or have a glass of water - whatever it is, I actually do it, while in the past I would just continue getting more and more stressed.

I find that new awareness and commitment to managing stress is more powerful than any supplement can be.

As a health conscious person, I know how bad stress is for my body and knowing that I’m improving my adrenal response to things make me feel good about my health too.



I don’t usually have problems focusing, but I do have an issue staying focused. I find we all do, we just have too much stuff going on and too many distractions. I didn’t know that CBD oil can help increase attention and focus, but I found it did it for me pretty much right away. I’ve also realized in the past 9 months that if I am not feeling stressed or anxious, I can stay focused and productive so much more! Playing around with the time and amount of CBD oil I’ve taken, I've noticed that if I take it in the morning with my coffee or matcha then I can be in the zone till I realize I’m hungry for lunch. I don’t feel jittery or overly tensed, so even after lunch and a walk (or some sort of movement), I feel motivated to get back to work.



I had a concern after taking CBD oil for a few weeks whether I would gain weight. I don’t necessarily work out or follow a particular eating plan, I just live an active lifestyle and eat whatever my body wants. However, even though I eat healthy and I move a lot, I always had a very large appetite (I was always that hungry kid who would eat everything and anything). My logic was, if I am more relaxed during the day then I will move less and if I continue eating as I do I will eventually gain weight. Well, turned out CBD oil is quite amazing at keeping a balance in the body. I actually found that in the past 9 months I have way more stable appetite than I ever did.

I find that I am much better at knowing when to stop eating, while 9 months ago I would have a hard time knowing when I’ve had enough (especially in the evening while watching something). I also have less “raging” hunger, probably due to the fact that CBD helps manage blood sugar levels. Overall, I find my interest in food is very proportionate to my energy expenditure. While in the past I could easily consume a ton of food just because I’m bored, now I just don’t want to anymore. Another important thing I’ve noticed is that I binge eat when I’m stressed out so if I don’t allow myself to get to that feeling I won’t binge eat.


So 9 months later, how did CBD oil affect my life?

  • I feel more in control of my life and my body. Knowing that I have a way of dealing with stress, which makes me more focused, relaxed and healthy, makes me even less stressed.

  • I feel that I can do more with my day. Being able to decrease my anxiety due to some stressful event on a particular day allows me to go about my day and not allow that event hinder that day.


A few questions I’ve gotten from you:

Do I take CBD oil every day?

  • No, I take it whenever I need it. Usually like 4-5 days a week. I don’t have many routines in my life so that just falls under “I don’t have a routine” too.

How much CBD oil do I take?

  • Every day is different. I can sometimes take 5 drops and that's it, some days I keep taking 5-10 drops every 2-3 hours. My day to day life is very different, so my dosage is too.

When do I take CBD oil?

  • I always take it Monday morning. I just find Mondays overwhelming. I’d say 90% of the time I take it in the first half of the day, because I figured if I take if before stress starts I manage way better with stressful situations.