Why CBD Doesn't Work For Me?

“CBD didn’t work for me.”

I do hear that response at times and I right away want to start a conversation about why and how we can change that. So let me tell you a few reasons why CBD might not be working for you.

First of all, I want to acknowledge that if you are saying that CBD isn’t working for you then it isn’t - it’s YOUR body and YOU know best. I can very strongly relate to that feeling of disappointment mixed with ‘obviously it didn’t work like nothing else worked before’ - as a nutritionist I have tried basically every supplement on the market for a range of reasons and I can’t tell you that I ever felt like anything truly worked (other than Iron for anemia, that works like freaking magic). I also neither expect CBD to work for me nor was I really into the idea of taking CBD on the first place, so I would have probably been secretly happy if it didn’t work.

That being said, it did work for me as well as for countless other people. If it didn’t work for you at first there are might be a few reasons behind it and I want to go over those reasons because they are more often than not easily corrected.

I’ve had Chronic Migraine for 8 years and I’ve been on countless prescriptions and have been getting Botox injections every 3 months for the past 4 years. [...] I literally have tears in my eyes because ICARIA’s CBD is the first thing that has truly worked for me which is not a prescription drug of some sort with any awful side effects.
— Melissa roberts

1. Improper dosage

I’d say 95% of the time when I’ve heard that CBD didn’t work was due to not taking enough. If you are taking a few drops, or a few mg, that’s called micro-dosing and you can’t really expect strong therapeutic effects from it. Just to put it into perspective, for more severe cases or complex conditions some people can take 1g of CBD a day, which is 2 small bottles of Aphrodite oil a day!

I’m not telling you to take a whole bottle a day, but don’t be afraid to take a full dropper to see the effects. There are no real side effects you can experience, so don’t be afraid of it. You can watch my video of how I took 4 full droppers and see the result of it.

2. Not enough time

CBD very often works quickly, especially if you take it sublingually. However, sometimes it needs to “build up” in your system for you to really see the effect. For certain conditions, it might take a few weeks or a few months to really work. I have heard from a few people with insomnia that it takes at least a few days to start working.

We are all very different and we experience a whole range of symptoms. Let’s use pain as an example, the strength and the reasons behind it can be so different that each person needs to have a very personalised approach.

Give it some time, you body sometimes needs it. ;)

3.  Not the right product for you

Most commonly I hear that CBD didn’t work if people took capsules or tablets. There are might be a few reasons for it, but I believe that our digestion is often compromised so CBD just does get absorbed properly. That’s why I recommend taking CBD oil sublingually, that way it skips the digestion and goes right into the bloodstream.

Another reason can be that the CBD you are using is just not good quality, so make sure to get your CBD from the source that you trust.

P.S. If you have tried Icaria’s CBD oil and it didn’t work for you considering the two points above, please make sure to connect with me through email or Instagram, I will be happy to assist you.

4. Manage your expectations

There are no miracle pills. CBD helps bring your body into balance, it won’t heal a broken bone or remove all life problems.

CBD can be used to help treat serious conditions like cancer or epilepsy, however in those cases it’s used in very high dosages and often in combination with THC.

CBD oil is a health supplement, it’s not a pharmaceutical drug, and even though it works very well it still does that through bringing your body into balance and not masking the root causes - which sometimes means it doesn’t work as strongly or as quickly as pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD works through interaction with endocannabinoid system, but there might be something else going in your body that doesn’t necessarily gets affected by CBD.

If CBD didn’t work for you, that is most likely due to not taking enough or not giving it enough time. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!