What Happens When You Take TEN Times The Dose of CBD?


How much CBD oil is too much?

Can you overdose with CBD?

Can you get high of CBD?

What if I take too much CBD oil?

I decided to answer those questions by taking x10 the amount I usually take. I looked it up on the internet and there are either blogs about how you can’t overdose or Reddit people’s stories how they got high of CBD. So I figured, since I say you can’t get high of Icaria’s CBD oil, I am going to prove it in front of the camera.

According to a few stories, people took approximately 100mg of CBD oil and had a negative experience. I decided to repeat the experiment and also take a 100mg. I usually take 5-10mg, so it’s at least ten times my regular dose. I took first 50mg and then took another 50mg an hour later - I wanted to see how I react to 50mg vs 100mg.


I have recorded my entire experience:

2.40 pm - 50 mg sublingual.

2.50 pm - Feeling very aware of my surroundings; working on a script for a workshop and feeling very focused.

3.20 pm - Time flew by, finished working on the workshop, felt very focused and present. I have been feeling sleepy all day so still feeling a bit sleepy (not more or less, just the same).

3.40 pm - Feeling good, completely normal, body is relaxed, not antsy like I would usually be after an hour of sitting. Taking my second 50mg dose, for the total of 100 mg.

3.50 pm - Felt a bit spacey for the last 5-10 mins, not feeling motivated to work. Probably a good time to meditate or just rest. Decided to walk a dog instead and run some errands.

4.20 pm - Feeling very at peace with the world, very calm and present. Ready to start working again. Not sleepy at all, actually quite energetic.

4.40 pm - 2 hours since my first dose, feeling relaxed and focused on work.

5.40 pm - 3 hours since 1st dose and 2 hours since the 2nd one, feeling very focused and motivated. I don’t feel like checking in with the world, but I have to record my feelings on camera and here, which feels distracting when I want to focus on writing a blog post.

6.00 pm - Realized I haven’t eaten for a while, but I don’t feel like it and I’m feeling way too productive to get distracted.

6.40 pm - 4 hours since my first dose, still feeling very focused, but I think my body needs food, even though I don’t want to stop working.

7.20 pm - Had a healthy meal and even though I don’t feel tired, I feel like it’s enough work for today.

9.00 pm - Went for a walk with a friend, feeling cheerful and energetic.

10.40 pm - Surprisingly not feeling tired, watching a movie so that might be stimulating me.

11.40 pm - Going to bed, feeling very happy (maybe due to watching my favourite movie)

Next morning - Woke up feeling rested, ready to take on the day.



A hundred milligrams of CBD is not a very high dose for people that suffer with conditions like epilepsy or cancer, but for everyday use for anxiety, stress, pain management or sleep that dosage is quite high. I usually recommend taking somewhere between 5-20 mg for my customers and I personally almost never need more than 15mg (my regular dose being between 5 and 10 mg). So reading all the scary experiences of people not feeling well from taking a 100 mg made me a little worried but also motivated me to try it, because I want to make sure that Icaria’s oil wouldn’t cause any symptoms that people described.

So, long story short, no unexpected feelings or results.

After taking 100mg of CBD I felt very focused, relaxed, aware, and at peace for hours after. Right after taking the second dose of 50mg I felt a little bit spacey for about 5-10 mins, but it went away pretty quickly and it was more of a pleasant feeling of being in a moment - not a feeling of being high or anything like that.

I usually feel focused from taking 5-10mg, so I felt VERY focused from taking a 100mg. So focused and in the zone that it was almost difficult to think about anything else other than what I was doing in the moment (probably not the best for multitasking).


A few notes if you want to increase your dosage:

  • I have read that there is a possibility that CBD converts into THC in the stomach (low conversion rate, but still), so make sure to take it sublingually just in case.

  • Make sure you are taking a brand you trust, so you don’t accidentally get really high.



As expected, taking a high dosage of 100 mg cbd or 2 ml of Aphrodite oil simply has a similar but stronger effect on your body without a feeling of high or any particular side effects. Not sure what is the point of taking such high dose if you don’t have a specific condition, but I got a lot of work done in those few hours so I guess the oil didn’t go to waste.


Nadya P.