How To Take CBD Oil?

I have already wrote a blog post “How Much CBD Oil Should I Take”, however most commonly asked question is still about how to take CBD oil.

I recommend taking CBD oil sublingually, which means under the tongue. This way of taking CBD supplement allows CBD molecules get absorbed effectively and quickly into the bloodstream. If you look under your tongue you will see many tiny blood vessels, these blood vessels allow CBD get delivered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, resulting in its maximum absorption.

Taking CBD in a tablet form forces CBD oil to go through the entire digestive process and only in small intestine it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Due to foods that we eat and the environment that we live in, we often experience compromised digestion, and it gets even worse if we are stressed. Women in my experience have more problems with their digestion, so we can’t really expect that the tablet will fully get absorbed and all the CBD we are taking will get into our system.

One other important thing to remember is to HOLD CBD oil under the tongue. It takes some time for CBD to get absorbed so if you just put drops under the tongue and then swallow right away that means all that oil went into your digestion now. You need to give it some time to get absorbed holding it under your tongue. How long? Well that will depend on many factors, but I usually say: “Hold it for as long as you can.” Sometimes that means a few minutes and sometimes it's 10 minutes. There is no harm in holding it longer especially if you have taken a higher dosage.

You can keep count of how much you’ve taken by simply counting the drops and then you can take more or less depending on how you feel. That being said, if you want to calculate how much CBD you are taking, you can easily do so by dividing the total amount of CBD in the bottle by the number of drops.

For example, in Theia CBD oil has 750 mg of CBD per bottle and 1200 drops in the bottle (40 drops per dropper), so 750/1200= 0.625 mg of CBD per drop. If you want to take 10 drops it equals to 6.25mg of CBD. Very easy to calculate! 

So, how do you take CBD oil? Easy, put some drops under your tongue and hold it for at least a few minutes.