What ladies say...

Icaria’s Aphrodite has become such a wonderful part of my morning routine. As a business owner who has struggled with anxiety for most of her life, it’s so important for me to make sure I’m taking time for self care before I spend the day giving myself to others. Taking a few drops of CBD oil first thing in the morning is so easy, and yet it has SUCH a positive impact on my mood and stress levels. Thank you, Icaria!
— Ariana Fotinakis, fitness and business Coach, Vancouver

I’m in LOVE. I am a holistic nutritionist, I am a high achiever and have experiences debilitating anxiety and brutal PMS symptoms. I have used many holistic anxiety supplements and approaches. Nothing has worked quite like Icaria’s CBD oil. I’m not someone who enjoys altered state of mind and with CBD, you won’t have to worry about that. It simple takes the edge off allowing you to organize your thoughts and focus! I highly recommend Icaria for pain, anxiety and PMS. Nadya is super knowledgeable about the product and will give you the tools necessary to find your unique dosage.
— Katie Bigras, Founder of The Happy Hormone, Nutritionist, Vancouver

I have always dealt with neck pain and have taken Advil up to 4x per day to deal with it (not healthy), Icaria has instantly relieved my back pain and even prevented it as I can now skip days without taking anything (this wasn’t a thing before). An added bonus us the way Icaria keeps me focused by reducing my stress levels, it’s now a part of my routine.
— Rebecca Rochon, Founder of Pivot & Pilot, Vancouver

I now have been taking it either before bed or right in the mornings (as opposed to midday) and I found things I’d usually freak out over/stress about I’m feeling a lot more at ease with, so that’s the main benefit for me!! I usually get anxious during/before sleep as well and the oil before bed has helped with even having better dreams oddly enough and also with waking up relaxed and not stressed about the day!
— Nancy Sidhu, Certified Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Vancouver

I’ve hear about CBD oil in passing a while back, but never really thought I’d give it a try. When I saw that Nadya launched Icaria, I started researching CBD oil and was amazed with what I found - especially how natural it is for our bodies. For someone who struggle with anxiety & stress, trying it out was a no brainer. I tried it for the first time and my day passed normally… but at the end of the day I noticed one key difference: I realized I hadn’t been worrying about the little things throughout the day and was just overall more relaxed. That night, I also slept very peacefully - normally I toss and turn. Very impressed!
— Jaz Fenton, Founder of YLLO Beauty, Ottawa

CBD oil review Vancouver
This is my first time using CBD oil and I love the sense of calm it gives me. I feel anxiety free, stress free and emotionally non-reactive to negative situations. I’ve shared it with my mom and sister - both of them loved it too! It’s a pretty incredible and natural way to take care of yourself without the side effects of prescription drugs. I loved the handwritten note and the message of conscious self-care – I definitely recommend Icaria to anyone and everyone!
— Rebecca Rausch, Holistic Nutritionist in training, Vancouver

CBD oil review Canada
I started taking CBD oil about 6 months ago at the recommendation of my Dr. I was like “eek!” not understanding the difference between CBD and THC and NOT wanting any “drug” effects, and I can definitely say it’s not like that at all. I was really happy when I got recommended your product. Got it a couple of days ago - speedy delivery and a hand written note were lovely.
— Cheryl Knopp, Vancouver

CBD oil review Canada
I started taking CBD oil at the end of January after talking to Nadya about all the benefits it has. I’ve had Chronic Migraine for 8 years and I’ve been on countless prescriptions and have been getting Botox injections every 3 months for the past 4 years. Nadya told me to give CBD oil a try and although I was a little nervous at first, especially because I’ve never done weed or anything like that, I thought I may as well give it a try. It’s been two months since I’ve been taking it every day and the number and the severity of the headaches are better than it has ever been before. I was supposed to go in for my Botox appointment at the beginning of March but wanted to see how I feel just on CBD. It’s not March 24th and all I’m taking is CBD oil, no Botox. I literally have tears in my eyes because this is the first thing that has truly worked for me which is not a prescription drug of some sort with any awful side effects.”
— Melissa Roberts, student at Institute of Holistic Nutrition

CBD review Canada
I originally tried CBD oil to help with stress and anxiety. I was not sleeping well and I was having daily chest pains. I haven’t had any chest pains since starting CBD oil (2 months now)! There is no magic moment when you feel it kicking in… it’s very subtle and with daily use, I have found that not only has my anxiety stabilized but so have my moods. I feel calmer now and well balanced. Something I wasn’t expecting is how loose and relaxed my muscles are now. I’ve had very painful massages for a couple of years due to tight muscles but my last message was actually enjoyable Thanks Nadya for introducing CBD oil to me! It has changed my life!
— Patricia Pires, Ottawa

Taking CBD oil has helped my sleep so much and my boyfriend too! It’s crazy I’ve been able to sleep through the night without any interruptions.
— Lexi Tsang, Owner of Plantfull Nutrition, Vancouver

CBD oil review Canada
I had a great experience with CBD oil! It makes me super focused and calm. I was applying for a job and came across a good position that was due that night. It was 4.30pm and I calmly worked on the application until 11pm - no stress, super focused. I was like - what’s up with that? And then realized I had taken cbd oil earlier that afternoon. Same thing the next day!
— Melissa Gagne, Thunder Bay

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Nadya has put some amazing research into creating Icaria. Her passion for wellness, and to bring this knowledge to busy entrepreneurs is awesome. I think that this CBD oil is of great quality. When taken in times of stress it really helps you feel more resilient! Thanks Nadya
— Danielle Leclair, owner of totality acupuncture, Vancouver

Icaria review
This is the first time using CBD oil and I have to say, I’m so pleased! I struggle with anxiety, stress and hormonal imbalance and this has been an amazing product to help with all of that. The customer service is fantastic, the handwritten note that came along with the oil was such a great touch. I will definitely be ordering again!
— Joy Illman, barber, Ottawa

CBD oil review canada
This was my first time trying CBD oil for 2 weeks now and I’ve got to say I’m super impressed with it. This is by far the best remedy for my restless nights and long days. Honestly, if you’re looking to try it, just go for it! You won’t regret it 😍 I highly recommend! Plus Nadya is really sweet and has great energy !
— angelica dyrda, photographer, vancouver

CBD review vancouver
First of all, I started taking CBD recently after I have found Icaria. I’ve known I wanted to try CBD oil for a while now to help with my adrenal fatigue and PCOS, so once I’ve discovered Icaria was not only female owned and local brand, but the highest quality blend using coconut oil, I knew it was time! Since I’ve started taking it, CBD oil has dramatically reduced the symptoms of PCOS, and I feel like this would benefit a lot of women out there with this condition. Juggling jobs can really put you under stress, though after taking Icaira’s cbd oil the effects have given me clarity and motivation to continue wiht my daily tasks. I will continue to use this CBD oil for it’s amazing theuraputic benefits of easing inflammation in the body.
— Louise Maree
CBD oil review canada
Since taking CBD oil, I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep when I took it before bed. I take it in the mornings when I know there may be a lot more to do that day, and it’s helped drastically with feeling more calm and level headed. It also has decreased a lot of my lower back pain.
— Jasmine Price
CBD oil review Vancouver
I’ve been feeling more relaxed, but not unnaturally so. I’ve been feeling more balanced.
— Chrissie B, Halifax



What gentlemen say...

As someone who tends to get anxious and have trouble focusing I found this product helped bring me back to baseline and allow me to be more productive. It has also been an incredible addition to my post game routine and I have found that using this after playing sports has significantly reduced my recovery time.
— Jason Madden, Founder of Holistic Gangster, Vancouver

cbd review canada
I was hesitant trying CBD because I thought it would affect my productivity. On the contrary! The days I take it, I feel calm, focused, concentrated. Importantly I can tackle the hardest tasks head-on and feel good about it. Can’t recommend it enough.
— Vitaly P., Founder of StackAdapt, Toronto