CBD OIl Canada 500mg



500mg in 10ml bottle

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Organic MCT Coconut Oil, CBD Extract

*We ship only within Canada. 19+

With the goal of making you feel safe, and with your concerns and preferences in mind, ICARIA products:

  • Contain no THC, so you wonā€™t get high or addicted, no matter how much or how often you take it;

  • Are made from organically grown hemp, so there are no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals and it is non-GMO;

  • Have no additives or preservatives other than the carrier oil it is diluted in, which is organic coconut oil, so the product is vegan and gluten-free;

  • Are packaged to fit into your lifestyle, so you don't have to worry about taking it in public;

  • Made in Vancouver.

1 bottle = 20 full droppers (0.5ml each) or 400 drops
1 drop = 1.25 mg of Cannabidiol
1 dropper = 25 mg of Cannabidiol
For example:  if you want to take 5mg, then you need to take 4 drops and the bottle has 100 doses OR if you want to take 10mg, then you need to take 8 drops and the bottle has 50 doses. 

How much CBD oil to take