How Can CBD Oil Help You Balance Hormones?

In the previous post I attempted to explain hormones in simple terms and give practical tips on how to balance your hormones. In this post, I would like to talk about how CBD oil can help you balance hormones.

One thing we know for sure is that CBD helps your body balance the hormone cortisol. But let me show you how by simply balancing that one hormone, your whole endocrine system gets affected and multiple other hormones come into better balance. Let me explain it step by step.

Cortisol is considered to be a stress hormone, however it is one of your energy hormones as well. Cortisol is at its peak one hour after waking up and it slowly goes down during the day, so it is the lowest in the evening, which allows sleep hormone melatonin kick in. If there are imbalances in cortisol, which means it’s too high or too low during the day, then you will experience energy spikes and crashes, sugar cravings and inability to fall asleep at night.

An important thing to keep in mind that if you spike cortisol, it will eventually go down lower than it would if you didn’t initially spike it. Same goes with most of hormones.

What causes imbalances in cortisol?

  • Stress causes a spike in cortisol, thus causing a crash later on.

  • Too much sugar cases a spike in insulin, which causes blood sugar level to lower too low, which causes a spike in cortisol.

  • Caffeine causes a spike in cortisol.

  • Too much exercise spike cortisol.

  • Too much stress in a long run will cause low production of cortisol.

Since stress has the biggest effect on your cortisol levels, we want to make sure we minimize it and that’s where CBD oil comes in to save the day.

It is clear that CBD oil balances cortisol, but how does it balance the rest of the hormones?

Well, as we saw in the previous post, cortisol affects sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin makes you sleep and keeps you asleep at night, so when cortisol is too high in the evening then melatonin can’t go up thus preventing you from sleeping.

Summary 1: CBD lowers your stress and gives you more steady energy throughout the day and helps you sleep at night.

Lack of sleep affects hormones leptin and ghrelin that control your hunger and satiety, as well as energy and cravings. When you have a more balanced appetite and cravings that are under control, you are way less likely to go for a sugary snack (all simple carbs are technically sugars including chips and french fries). Consuming sugar will spike insulin which affects your metabolism, fat storage and will cause even more sugar cravings.

Summary 2: CBD helps you get proper sleep which helps you manage appetite, lowers cravings and balances energy levels.

Sugar consumption and extra body fat cause imbalances in sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Imbalances in those hormones cause further fat storage, muscle and bone wasting, PMS and menopause symptoms. Estrogen imbalances affect our thyroid hormone which is responsible for metabolism and energy production.

Summary 3: CBD helps balance your metabolism, fat storage and energy production.

Point is…

It is easy to see how affecting just one hormone cortisol, the rest of the important hormones get affected. So if you are taking CBD oil for stress management you can also expect that you will sleep better, have more energy during the day, have less sugar cravings and more balanced appetite, have healthier metabolism with proper amount of fat storage and muscle gain.