CBD Oil & Exercise

I often get lots of questions about exercising and taking CBD oil, so here are the most frequently asked questions and my answers to them.


Can CBD oil improve athletic performance?

Yes, it can.

There are a few reasons for it. First of all, since CBD is analgesic it will increase your pain threshold and allow you to “push” it further in your workout. That can also increase your endurance during the workout.

Second, CBD is antispasmodic so it reduces muscle spasms during and after the workout which can also further boost your athletic performance.

Third, CBD can help you be more focused and be more in an exercise state of mind, which as we know is pretty powerful since working out is often a “mind game”.

Lastly, CBD oil regulates hormone cortisol, the stress hormone, which means it helps you better manage energy levels. We all know that working out when you are feeling low on energy is hard, so taking CBD oil throughout the day will help you sustain steady energy the whole day.


Can you take CBD oil before working out?

Yes, you can.

Depending on when you are exercising and what kind of exercise you are doing, you might have a different effect, however. Since the main goal of CBD oil is to bring your body into balance, that is exactly what’s going to happen pre-workout - your body will be more balanced, which ultimately can mean a few different things. 

For example, if you are working out in the morning and you need to get “in the zone” and turn off your mind then CBD will help you do exactly that. However, if you come home after a very stressful day and you are running on adrenaline and exhaustion, CBD might relax you too much and you will lose a motivation to work out. That being said, it will probably help you rest and you will have tons of energy after.

Only you can figure out when, how much and prior to what kind of exercise to take CBD oil since it will have a different effect on different people and at different times of the day.  


Can CBD oil improve your recovery?  

Yes, it can.

CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant which means it can help with soreness and athletic recovery. Also, CBD oil can help you relax after working out allowing your body to heal.

Can CBD oil help you build muscles and lose fat?

Yes, it can.

CBD oil manages cortisol levels and cortisol is known as a hormone that decreases testosterone, which in turn stimulates muscle breakdown and fat storage (especially mid-waist).

CBD oil can help you control appetite throughout the day but also after the workout (have you ever experiences raging hunger after working out?). Also, CBD can help you turn white fat cells into more metabolic brown fat cells which can potentially help you decrease body fat too. 

Which types of exercise can CBD oil help me with?

Yoga - more focus, relaxation, improved meditation state;

Running - more endurance, less pain, fewer spasms;

Lifting weights - decreases cortisol, thus increasing testosterone and helps build muscles;

Any type of workout - less pain, more endurance, less inflammation, more "in the zone".