I'm busy. I'm tired. I don't have time.  I’m exhausted. I fell off the wagon.

Sound familiar?

Most of us female professionals live by these words. Including me.

I am just a regular girl with an ambition. An ambition for a beautiful, fulfilling, passionate life.

As a female millennial, I want it all. I want to have a career as an entrepreneur, I want to have a healthy body, I want to have time for family, friends and dating life, I want to live in a gorgeous home in my dream city, I want to wear beautiful clothes, travel the world and enjoy my free time.

I want it all. Just like you do.

But just the thought of “it all” stresses me out. We, as women, have more pressure on us than ever. The funny thing is that we put that pressure on ourselves.

And that's how my story with CBD begins.  I am a high stress individual who burns out, gets anxious, and has way too many thoughts. I always am taking calming herbs, quitting coffee, trying to meditate, and looking for ways to relax my body and mind. It's all working... somewhat. ‘Til I burn out again.

I am a nutritionist, so you can imagine I'm very particular about what goes into my body. When I was told about CBD oil, I brushed it off since CBD comes from cannabis and "I don't do that kind of stuff". It took me half a year to be convinced by my friend, who is one of the top ultramarathon runners in the world, to try it. I figured if he can take it and run 200 miles straight, then I should be ok taking it. I tried it. I was amazed with the results. I had to learn more.  

After some long and tedious research, I was shocked to find out that CBD oil is completely different from what I used to believe it was (read more about it in the next posts). So I decided to buy myself a bottle of CBD oil. I didn’t have high expectations, since I never feel much of a difference from taking health supplements, but amazingly CBD oil was the first supplement I had ever taken that had such a drastic effect on my health and my life - I had no more anxiety, my back pain where I carry my stress was gone and I was able to just relax and sleep at night.

After the first two days of taking CBD oil, all I wanted to do was to share my “discovery” with my girlfriends… So, here I am, sharing it with you, all my dear girlfriends.